Tuesday, November 4, 2008



One Question...


Monday, September 22, 2008

You know what...

It's some crazy talent out there! I check a lot of blogs on the daily...you guys have so much to say and have done so many projects that I'm like...DANG! So, I'm going to take baby steps to be "just like y'all"...LOL...That means I will be blogging more, crafting more and BSing less.

OK, so, this is the beginning of a layout that I'm going to do for my great-niece. I decided to use altered chipboard for the layout to kill two birds with one stone...one, so I can finally get a layout of her and the other as a call to a challenge hosted by my LSS. The chipboard scalloped frame and "love" is by Fancy Pants, the paper is by The Angel Company and some bling bling was used also.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm getting myself prepared to fly out to Vegas in the morning (5am flight) for my BFF's (best fucking friend) 40th birthday. Had I not been a big time procrastinator, I would be in Vegas with the group now, they left Sunday....but anyway, that's it.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Lord Help The Mister Who Comes Between Me And My Sister

...And Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man... OK, I don't really know that song, but I remember The Andrew Sisters (I think it was them) singing that song in some old movie.

Hey all

It's late and I can barely keep the eye lids from drooping, so I'm going to just post this layout for the white space challenge hosted by this girl..

I learned today (for the hundredth time!) that no matter how old your children are, you still have to tell them to wash there hands before they touch certain things! I came home today to find some PEANUT BUTTER on my dang on layout! It was just a dab, but still! Now, I don't have small children mind you, my youngest is 14...I know right!

Anyway, here's my layout...

You know, I would really like to use my Photoshop Elements to crop and enhance the colors of my pics, but I have too much schtuff on my hard drive (not enough RAM to run the program). I purchased the Artistic Edge class, which is full of interesting stuff, but can't practice the lessons because I don't have enough RAM. Once I clean some schtuff off my hard drive or buy another external hard drive (my Seagate died after a couple months use...they will NEVER get anymore of my loot!) I'm going to start playing around with different effects. Since I REALLY don't know what I'm doing, I know some of the stuff will look funky...so just bear with me.

Peace Out-

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Didn't have time to craft today because I went out to spend a little time with the adult members of the family. At the last minute, we decided to hit up a buffet. My brother and sister in law decided to bring this little guy along with us and he is a bundle of cuteness. You could hear his laugh throughout the restaurant. Since I didn't have a new project, I decided to post this pic.

Night peeps...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 2


This is a little project I'm working on for my niece's baby. The inside of the box houses 12 small 3x3 (I think?) books. I have been taking pics of her since she was born last month and will take a few pics each month for a year. On the baby's 1st b-day, I will give the book to my niece.

I painted the front cover, applied and distressed the paper on the sides. The inside is covered with pink Bazzill Bling paper. On the inside front flap, I'm going to frame the baby's picture using Heidi Swapp's oval bling. I know I'm going to embellish the outside front more, but I haven't decided how...I just know that it will have to be touchable (not too delicate). I will post another pic when it's completely finished.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Lil Sumin' Sumin'

Hi all,

Just wanted to post my item for the MATADFAM challenge at this girls blog. I got the "how to" for this card from this girl.

Peace \/

Friday, May 30, 2008


Let me set the scenario...

My daughter is driving my car, it's a two way lane and she's in the right lane. a City of Chicago truck (with the snow plow attached) pulls up beside her (the truck is in the left lane). The city driver commence to make a right turn from the left lane. Now, I know some trucks are really big and need to be in the left lane to turn right, but DON'T YOU MAKE THAT TURN WHEN ALL VEHICLES ARE CLEARED?! AND Chicago has a hands free law (meaning you have to use a hands free device while driving and trying to use your cell phone). THIS CHICKA, DRIVING THE CITY TRUCK WAS ON THE CELL PHONE...YEP, JUST BLATANTLY HAD THE PHONE UP TO HER EAR...NOPE, NO HANDS FREE DEVICE.

OK, so, the police were called to the scene. While the officer was sitting in the police car making out the report, this chicka backed the city truck into the police car..he starts furiously blowing his home...seriously, where did this chick get her drivers license.

I, as instructed by the claims department, sent estimates and the police report into the claim department. I didn't send pictures and now I see that I should have. About two months later, I get a letter the other day stating they are denying my claim! THE HELL YOU ARE!! Nope, the notice didn't say why, just that we are not paying that claim.

I called today to determine why and was told...and I quote "the driver said she was already into her turn and my vehicle pulled in front of her". Now, since your driver said that, does it make it true?! I guess so because they took her word as the gospel truth.

So, I'm going back and forth with the claims department until I finally said that I wanted to appeal the decision. Guess what, the claims department has no appeals process (I know right!). She could only suggest that I sued the city for damages. Anyway, during this long conversation, she explained that according to the police report, my car was hit on either the drivers side door or the drivers side passenger door and if that's the case then the city driver possibly was already into the turn. I could agree with that IF MY CAR HAD BEEN HIT IN THOSE SPOTS! When the truck pulled up and tried to make the right turn, the plow of the truck grabbed and partially ripped of my front bumper. She stopped before the full bumper came off. So the girl at the claims department asked me to send in photos and she will have her supervisor look at the case again. Now, when they see there is no damage to the side of my vehicle and the only damage is to bumper and area around the head light, I wonder what the city will come up with next to get out of paying for the damages.

Sorry peeps, I know this was long but a sista just had to vent!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Say It In Scrap blog challenge

Wassup Peeps,

This layout is for the Say It In Scrap blog 3rd challenge. The challenge is to "scrap how you felt on a specific day. This can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. It can be how you felt, a love one felt, how you think a stranger felt. It can be about a birthday party, a casual dinner, a first date.....anything really".

Since I just about feel this way EVERYDAY (and since LIVE is my WORD for the year)...I decided to scrap about it! I didn't add any journaling to the layout because quite frankly, this is a very emotional subject for me. I need a whole 12x12 sheet, minus the pics and cutesy embellishments, to journal about this subject. Hmm...maybe I will turn this into a two page layout.

Anyhoo...join in! The link is one the left side bar.


Friday, April 18, 2008

No Time Like The Present

I have bean contemplating starting a blog for a very long time. So, I guess there is no better time like the present to start.
Blog test, this is just a test...beep.....beep....beep